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Kefalonia – Things to Do

Swim at some of the best beaches in Greece

The most renowned beach is none other than Myrtos. Its crystal clear and bright blue waters make it one of the most beautiful beaches in the world! It is a very long beach located in a crescent-shaped bay and surrounded by mountains and cliffs covered with lush vegetation and trees. Antisamos Beach is encompassed by all kinds of flourishing greenery. The dense vegetation around the beach is mirrored into the water, giving it a distinctive blue-greenish hue. The same effect can be seen in Petani. Xi is a rather uncommon sight, as it is covered with rare, brownish-orange sand. Near the beach stand enormous white clay cliffs, where many visitors take the opportunity for a free self-spa treatment, covering their body and face with clay mud, which is considered to be very therapeutic and skin-nourishing.

Stroll around the cosmopolitan Fiscardo and the picturesque Assos

Fiscardo and its lovely marina have been a meeting place for the glitterati for years. This small village has colorful seafront houses that will surely steal your heart! It is one of the island's oldest Venetian settlements, with listed buildings of great historic value that survived several catastrophic earthquakes. Assos was built on a small peninsula right by the sea and is surrounded by mountains and dense vegetation. This remote area is a true gem, as the lovely picturesque houses have been painted in vivid colors, creating a friendly atmosphere that invites you to stroll around the village.

Explore Melissani and Drogarati caves and Karavomilos Lake

Melissani Cave is a unique natural phenomenon and a must-see for anyone visiting Kefalonia. The B-shaped cave consists of two halls and is accessible by boat, as a lake lies inside! The natural ceiling of the cave collapsed years ago in one of its halls, with the hole allowing sunlight into the cavern and tinting the entire area blue! Drogarati is an equally impressive cave. It is a rare geological phenomenon, with sharp stalactites and stalagmites that count millions of years old! A few kilometers away, Karavomilos Lake constitutes an important natural habitat for numerous flora and fauna species. Additionally, it showcases a distinctive geology, as it is connected to the Katavothres by underground tunnels and caves.

Explore the town of Argostoli

Argostoli is the capital of Kefalonia and the most busy place on the island. Most of its buildings preserve elements of traditional Venetian architecture and its long paved promenade is great for evening walks. Discover the best local shops and try traditional delicacies! At the tip of the peninsula of Argostoli, you will find Katavothres, where the sea waters meet the land to flow beneath it and disappear mysteriously, as if they’re swallowed by the earth! Geologists have conducted many experiments to find out why this happens, only to discover traces of paint on the opposite side of the island and in Melissani Cave! Not very far from Argostoli, you may notice a small circular structure surrounded by simple Doric columns. This is the lighthouse of Saint Theodoroi, which was built during the British occupation of the island and is situated in a secluded area and offers mesmerizing views of the bright blue sea waters.

Hike Mount Ainos National Park

Ainos is the highest mountain in Kefalonia and has an altitude of 1862m. It is considered a National Park and it is covered with dense forests and flourishing nature.The refreshing atmosphere of the forest is an excellent getaway from the summer’s heat, and the experience will make you connect with nature.

Explore the castle Saint George

It was initially constructed during the 12th century, and its enclosing walls protected an entire town until the Middle Ages. The fortress was reconstructed during the Venetian Period, and its impressive ruins along with an old catholic church are still preserved, despite the damage caused by earthquakes throughout the years.

Go on a day trip to Ithaca and to Zakynthos

A great boat trip option can take you to Ithaca, the closest island to Kefalonia, where you can spend an extra day. By choosing one of the available cruises, you will have the opportunity to swim in the turquoise waters of some of Ithaca’s best beaches and admire the lush green landscape, which the island is widely known for. A wonderful thing to do is participate in a well-organized, full-day boat tour to the beautiful island of Zakynthos located nearby. With this cruise, you will have the opportunity to pass by the world-famous Shipwreck Beach Navagio in Zakynthos, swim around the unique natural arches formed at the Blue Caves, and explore the small seafront village of Alykanas.

Pay a visit to Agios Gerasimos Monastery

The most sacred place on the island for Christians lies near Mount Ainos. The monastery was established in 1560 by the island’s patron saint Agios Gerasimos. Inside it, visitors will encounter the cave where he used to reside, a living plane tree planted by him centuries ago, his tomb and his relics.

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