A proposito di Lourdata di Rosas Beach Studios in Kefalonia Island, Lourdata


Lourdata village is characterized by its rich vegetation, fertile soil and abundant water coming from Mountain Ainos.

Years ago in the fertile soil of the area, vegetables and fruits were cultivated during the whole year because of the special climate and terrain of the area.This made the area the richest of the island because the residents supplied with the necessary goods other locations.

In the village center a huge plane tree stands (approximately 150 years old).

Under its large branches there is a beautiful traditional cool cafe where you can enjoy the sweets of the region while admiring the natural greenery and listening to the running water of mountain stands Ainos .

A downhill road full of plants and olive trees leads to the beach and an uphill road leads to the church of Agia Paraskevi.Close to our complex is a small natural harbor in which holidaymakers can place their small boats.

The surrounding area offers not only many unexplored coastline beaches accessible only by boat ,where turtles Careta Careta lay their eggs, but also several caves that worth exploring .

The complex Rosa’s Beach Studios is built in a higher altitude than the beach .

This is why there is unique panoramic view over the mountain ainos , the dark vegetation of the area, lush vegetable gardens that stretch along the beach and breathtaking view of the Ionian Sea.

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