A proposito di Cefalonia di Rosas Beach Studios in Kefalonia Island, Lourdata


Kefalonia is the largest of the Ionian Islands.It is located between Zakynthos and Lefkada It has an area of ​​781 square kilometers and a population of 35,000 inhabitants.

In Argostoli, the capital city there is a local market, the pedestrian zone of the port, the central square surrounded by cafes and restaurants.Near argostoli you can find the Lighthouse of Agios Theodoros with beautiful sea views and Katavothres (sinks) coastal area with interesting geological phenomenon .

From Argostoli port you can take a ferry boat that goes to the small but beautiful Lixouri town .There you can visit Petani, Megas Lakos and Xi Beaches,peaceful locations characterized by natural beauty.

Island reference points are theawarded Mirtos beach and Assos village, high quality wine Robola, limnospilaio Melissani Drogarati Cave and Monastery of St. Gerasimos, the patron saint of the island.

Kefalonia has many other natural beauties and landscapes that are worth visiting such as the picturesque village of Fiskardo and Agia Efimia located in the northern part of the island.There are traditional tavernas, sailboats and secret beaches of wild beauty such as Dafnoudi Beach, Emplisi Beach, Komitata Beach and Holy Jerusalem Beach.

In the southern part of the island you can find beach Ammes, Poros port that connects the island to the Peloponnese, the fishing village Kataleios and the beautiful village of Skala.

Rosa’s Beach Studios complex is located in the south and central part of Kefalonia. Lourdas village belongs to the municipality of Livathos.

The Municipality of Livathos offers attractions with strong cultural historical and religious interest.

The mountain ainos is the largest on the island and has an altitude of 1862m..

It is a National Park famous for its unique black fir and the wild horses living on the highest peaks.

The castle of St. George located at an altitude of 320 meters was the administrative and military center of the island until 1757 in which the capital moved to Argostoli.

The island of Zeus is accessible only by boat and is located half a mile from the coast. A hundred steps lead to a church that was built on the ruins of the temple of Zeus .The church of Panagia Diotissa or Vlahernon celebrated every year in July 2nd.


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